The roller coaster that is my life

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eivor97 asked: How did you overcome dyslexia?


I am lucky in the fact that I have a mild form of it, and it really only made math hard for me. I just knew that I had to take the extra time and ask the extra questions.


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I’m wanting to dye my hair a deep red. Half of my friends and family think it would look good on me, but the other half don’t think it would look the best and think I would look better with really blonde hair.

So I’m needing opinions from you guys since you don’t really know me! That way your opinions won’t be based on what you’re used to seeing me as. :)

Red or blonde… K GO. 👍

Guys I wanna go red so badly though, like would it really look THAT bad? 😭

it’s not that red looks bad, it’s that blonde looks so GOOD

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*omnomnomnom* Cannibalize!

…wait…what? What the…what is…what is my butt doing???


Uh….I am unsure how I feel about this. 

No words to explain how absolutely hilarious this is.


0.o dat ass

this is a problem

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Things that are slowly dying and need to be replaced:

1. Laptop

2. Car

3. Keyboard (of the musical variety)

Things that I can’t afford:

1. Laptop

2. Car

3. Keyboard.

4. Karly